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2017.04.28 |

Photos from the workshop "Biobinoculars"

The Northern Emporium workshop "Biobinoculars" was held at UrbNet, Aarhus University, 27 April 2017.

The team of experts.

2017.03.13 |

Workshop held in Ribe

An international group of highly experienced field archaeologists have joined the project group for a workshop in Ribe to assess the excavation plans and methods. Margaret Gowen and Linzi Simpson have directed major excavations in Viking Dublin, Lars Pilø was in charge of major fieldwork in Viking Kaupang and Medieval Bergen in Norway, while Dirk…

2017.02.27 |

Datidens immigranter: 20.000-35.000 danske vikinger bosatte sig i England

Interview with Professor MSO Søren M. Sindbæk, Politiken 26 February 2017.

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