Work Package 3

Development of the model for spatial distribution of emissions

The main objective of this work package is to transform the specifications developed in WP1.2 and WP2.3 to an operational model for the spatial distribution of emissions.


This work package will consist of three tasks:

  • WP3.1 Design of the spatial model.
  • WP3.2 Building the spatial distribution model.
  • WP3.3 Consistency with the national emission inventory


WP3.1. The spatial model and the interrelationship between the input parameters, according to the decided output details and formats will be designed. A correspondence list of distribution keys and emission sectors will be compiled, which can serve both as an overview and as input for future improvements of the distribution model. The spatial model will be built as an integrated database system, which will be designed in this WP.


WP3.2. During this task, the project team will keep close contact with the EPA to ensure that the model will be optimised for future use. It will be endeavoured to deliver an output format that enable the spatial emissions to be included as part of the WebGIS on the homepage of the Irish EPA4. Based on the spatial data selected in WP2.3, distribution keys will be prepared in a Geographical Information System (GIS) using overlay analysis and data management functionality. The resulting distribution keys will include two parameters; grid cell ID and the share of total emissions to be allocated to the grid cell. The distribution keys will be included in a separate database in the integrated database system, which will also include a database for output of resulting spatial emissions at appropriate aggregation levels. The spatial emission model will be prepared to deliver output data that are applicable for visualisation in GIS, and maps for all pollutants will be prepared.


WP3.3. The spatial distribution model will be created to achieve consistency with the national emission inventory, ensuring that the output from the spatial distribution model meets the requirements for reporting of gridded emissions to the LRTAP convention. Resulting spatial emissions will match emissions in the national inventory on the aggregation level in the reporting tables for gridded emissions to the LRTAP convention (gridded nomenclature for reporting, GNFR).