2018.10.29 | Arts

Multiple Internationalisms at the League of Nations Secretariat, 1933-1940

Marco Moraes (PhD Student - University of Oxford)

2018.09.09 | Arts

Bandung Revisited: from Rural Hygiene to Primary Health Care

Niels Brimnes (Associate Professor - Aarhus University)

2018.08.28 | Arts

Beyond the formula of the age of reason: experts, social sciences, and the phonic public in international politics

Tomoko Akami (Associate Professor - The Australian National University)

2018.06.24 | Arts

The Dot-Connector: How the League of Nations Incidentally gave Birth to Neoliberalism

Hagen Schulz-Forberg (Associate Professor - Aarhus University)

2018.06.01 | Arts

Edvard Hambro and the academic networks of international politics

Haakon A. Ikonomou (postdoc - Aarhus University)

2018.05.02 | Arts

The Åland Islands Question – A League Success Story

Eric Hayes (EU Ambassador to Finland 1993-95)

2018.02.28 | Arts

Murder, Intrigue, Sex and Internationalism - Novels about the League of Nations

Benjamin Auberer (PhD student - Heidelberg University)

2018.01.22 | Arts

‘A fuller knowledge of the facts’ - the League of Nations’ endeavours to produce international expertise

Quincy R. Cloet (PhD Student - Aberystwyth University)

2018.01.02 | Arts

Film-splaining the League of Nations

Helle Strandgaard Jensen (Associate Professor - Aarhus University) and Nikolai Schulz (Head of BUSTER School and Family Programme - CPH PIX)

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