The Invention of International Bureaucracy

  • The League of Nations and the Creation of International Public Administration, c. 1920-1960


Over the last 100 years, the international political scene has become increasingly organized. More than 5000 international organisations now regulate global and regional political, economic and technical affairs. As a consequence international bureaucracy, i.e. international executive bodies that function autonomously from nation states and deal with international affairs, has become an important and increasingly contested feature of world politics.

Even so, the history of these non-elected executive bodies is underresearched. This project aims to shine a light on the roots of international bureaucracy and its particular institutional and socio-cultural characteristics by exploring the principles, practices and formative effects of the League of Nations Secretariat.  With theoretical inspiration from political sociology and based on extensive multiarchival research, the project will explore the institutional norms and practices of the League Secretariat and investigate its exchanges and connections with national diplomatic and bureaucratic structures, internationalist networks and institutions and subsequent international bureaucracies of the 20th century. 


2018.05.02 | Arts

The Åland Islands Question – A League Success Story

Eric Hayes (EU Ambassador to Finland 1993-95)

2018.02.28 | Arts

Murder, Intrigue, Sex and Internationalism - Novels about the League of Nations

Benjamin Auberer (PhD student - Heidelberg University)

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Latest News and Events

2018.01.29 | Debate

Author Meets Critics with Glenda Sluga

On 14 March 2018, Karen Gram-Skjoldager and Casper Andersen will participate in an Author Meets Critics event with Glenda Sluga on her latest monograph “Internationalism in the Age of Nationalism”, arranged by CEMES at Copenhagen University:

2018.01.29 | Lecture / talk

Karen Gram-Skjoldager to give talk on her way to the Sapere Aude: DFF Starting Grant

On 30 January Karen Gram-Skjoldager will give a talk on her way to the Sapere Aude: DFF Starting Grant at an event co-organized by The Junior Researcher Development Programme and the Research Support Office at Aarhus University. For more information on the…

2018.01.23 | Workshop

Workshop on Transnational Biographies and International Organizations and NGOs, April 26th 2018

The Invention of International Bureaucracy-project in collaboration with The Research Unit for Life Writing at the History Department of Aarhus University, will host a Workshop on Transnational Biographies and International Organizations and NGOs on Thursday 26th of April, 2018, from 09:00-15:00. The…

2018.01.08 | Debate

Author Meets Critics with Matthias Schmelzer

On 24 November 2017, Karen Gram-Skjoldager participated in an Author Meets Critics event with Matthias Schmelzer on his new book “The Hegemony of Growth. The OECH and the Creation of the Modern Growth Paradigm” at Copenhagen University:

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Director of Research

Karen Gram-Skjoldager

Associate professor

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  • The Research programme at the Department of History and Classical Studies


The project is funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research Sapere Aude.