Intuitions in Linguistics

In the past decades, there has been lively debates over the way native speakers’ intuitive judgements are used as evidence in linguistics. With this questionnaire, we want to explore the experiences and opinions of members of the research community about this issue. More specifically, we are interested in the opinions of researchers ...

  • who believe that native speakers’ intuitive judgements of syntactic well-formedness can, to some extent, be used as evidence in linguistics (e.g. for fieldwork, grammatical descriptions, theoretical work etc.),
  • who subscribe to any theoretical background (formal/generative, functional/cognitive, other), and
  • who have obtained or are studying for a PhD in linguistics or closely related fields.

Your help would be highly appreciated! The questionnaire takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. Upon completing the questionnaire, participants have the option to enter in a lottery for ten vouchers for, each worth $25.

Please follow this link to participate:

You are also more than welcome to forward this call to any colleague(s) who meet the requirements and who might be interested in participating in the survey.