Industry follower group

While the INTO-CPS consortium will undertake the innovation and prototyping work in the project, an essential part of the project will be guidance, advice and evaluation from interested external observers. We call this the project's interest group.

This group will monitor the INTO-CPS project via regular newsletters and workshops during the project, in which:

  • The project's progress is reported and demonstrated by members of the research team;
  • Feedback and advice on strategy is given by the interest group members;
  • Solutions for challenges submitted prior to the workshop to the INTO-CPS experts are presented;
  • Interest group members will have the opportunity to network with other professionals in the field, and to exchange best practice and assessments of the state of the art;
  • Possibilities for further collaboration / information exchange are discussed.

Interest group members will propose CPS Engineering challenge problems from their domain. The INTO-CPS partners will tackle these problems using the emerging INTO-CPS technology.

Other benefits for interest group members are timely updates on the work in the project, access to white papers, webinars and other materials produced during the project, and a direct influence on the course of the project via feedback and advice.

Join the industry follower group

If you want to join our industry follower group, please contact project partner Dr. Christian König.


Current members
Confirmed interest group members include: