Low-hanging fruits and where to find them:
* In February 2017, researchers from Denmark, Sweden and Finland joined Swedish national and regional 
  decision makers in Stockholm for a one-day workshop on the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea. The topic: are
  there still significant ‘low-hanging fruits’, that is, untapped low-cost ways to improve the environmental state
  of the Baltic? And if so, how can this potential be exploited? 
  Read more about the workshop on economic incentives

* As part of the Go4Baltic project PhD student Olli Niskanen from LUKE; Finland, has produced analyses on 
   livestock development in the countries around the Baltic. See fact sheet here

* The Go4Baltic Farm Survey is under development. The questionnaire will be tested on experts and    
   farmers in the five participating countries (Poland, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark). 
   If you are interested in more information about the survey, or perhaps interested in testing the          
   questionnaire please contact coordinator Berit Hasler (

* The Go4baltic project held its 2nd annual meeting in Tallinn, Estonia, from May 25th-27th. Material  
   (presentations etc.) from the meeting is available in the folder “Meetings and events”. 

* The project Go4Baltic was launched April 1, 2015.