Farm Survey

The Go4Baltic Farm Survey

In Go4Baltic specific focus will be put on the incentives for technological development for fertilizer use and handling of manure, but little quantitative knowledge and data about fertiliser use and handling of manure exist in the countries around the Baltic area.

In Go4Baltic we will make a comprehensive farm survey, which will be submitted to representative samples of farmers in Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Estonia and Finland.

The survey will seek information from farmers on their decisions and trade-offs between agricultural production and environmental protection. 

We will ask farmers about subjects as:

  • Farmers’ fertilizer practices and handling of manure (amounts, timing, application methods etc.
  • How farmers’ will adapt to future policy changes in environmental, climate and agricultural policies.

We will pay attention to their choices of subsidy schemes and how they respond to other policy instruments.

                                                                                                                            Foto by: Britta Munter