Stakeholder Meetings

Go4Baltic  has an aim to consult stakeholders to present the project, project ideas and results, discuss and develop.

The cooperation with BalticEye will, amongst other things, be used for stakeholder consultation.

On this site you will find information about stakeholder involvement in Go4Baltic; both national and international events, meetings, discussions etc.

   Low-hanging fruits and where to find them:
* In February 2017, researchers from Denmark, Sweden and Finland joined Swedish national and regional 
  decision makers in Stockholm for a one-day workshop on the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea. The topic: are
  there still significant ‘low-hanging fruits’, that is, untapped low-cost ways to improve the environmental state
  of the Baltic? And if so, how can this potential be exploited? 
  Read more about the workshop on economic incentives

* The PI from Helsinki University  Markku Ollikainen and the PhD student Sanna Lötjönen have provided    
   calculations for the Finnish Scientific Climate Change Panel on the costs of climate measures when water 
   quality benefits are included in the analysis.
   The calculations are used for policy preparation, to set up a framework for the medium-term climate
   change policy plan in Finland.
   The background report (in Finnish) can be found from the Ministry of the Environment web page

* Coordinator Berit Hasler was invited to give a presentation of Go4Baltic to the Swedish Agency for Marine
   and Water Management in June 2016.