Activities and publications



Line Ryberg Ingerslev

  • "Why the Capacity to Pretend Matters for Empathy" Topoi: Volume 33, Issue 1 (2014), Page 201-213
  • Forthcoming 2012 "Die anthropologische Einstellung und die Frage der Natur" in
  • Menneskets brudte natur In: Mennesket: En introduktion til filosofisk antropologi. ed. / Esther OluffaPedersen ; Anne-Marie S.Christensen. ViaSystime, 2012


Kasper Lysemose

  • ”The Exact Touch. Some Remarks on the Soul”, in Iride. Filosofia e discussion pubblica, 27/71, 2014, pp. 57-84 (DOI: 10.1414/76384)
  • “Responsiveness and technology. On Touch and the Ecotechnie – from Aristotle to Jean-Luc Nancy”, in Philosophy Today, 2014 (online first: May 6. DOI: 10.5840/philtoday20145224)
  • “Håndens fænomenologi. Til en filosofisk antropologi” in Studier i pædagogisk filosofi 2/2 2013, pp. 78-102
  • ”Responsive Self-preservation. Towards an Anthropological Concept of Responsiveness”, in META: Research in Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, and Practical Philosophy, 5/2, 2013, pp. 375-396
  • "Mangel og rigdom. Et filosofisk-antropologisk essay om stenkast og eksistens", i Kritik nr. 208, 2013
  • "The Self-Preservation of Man: Remarks on the Relation between Modernity and Philosophical Anthropology", i Philosophy and Anthropology. Border Crossing and Transformations, Ananta Kumar Giri and John Clammer (eds.), Anthem Press, London 2013
  • "Lykken, livet, filosofien – og pengene. Prolegomena til en undersøgelse af penge som antropologisk paradigme", i Res Cogitans – Journal of Philosophy Nr. 9 vol. 1, 2013
  • Mangel og handling: Arnold Gehlen's filosofiske antropologi . In: Mennesket: En introduktion til filosofisk antropologi. ed. / Esther OluffaPedersen ; Anne-Marie S.Christensen. ViaSystime, 2012. p. 121-140.
  • The Being, the Origin and the Becoming of Man: A Presentation of Philosophical Anthropogenealogy and some Ensuing Methodological Consideration. In: Human Studies Journal, Vol. 35, No. 1, 2012, p. 115-130.
  • The Throwing Hand: An Essay on Human Subjectivity. In: Sats, Vol. 13, No. 1, 2012, p. 1-18.

 Rasmus Dyring

  • "Mood and Method: where does ethnographic experience truly take place?" In The Experience of Truth - The Truth of Experience: Between Phenomenology and Hermeneutics, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (forthcoming)
  • "Væren & utidighed - Skitsering af den provokative handlen", in Semikolon, Vol. årg 13, Nr. 22, 2011, s. 55-62

 Thomas Schwarz Wentzer

  • (forthcoming): Ich habe Königsberg brennen sehen. Zum Substitutionscharakter und Responsivität historischer Erfahrung. Danish Yearbook of Philosophy (2013).
  • (forthcoming): Finitude. In: Blackwell Companion to Hermeneutics. Eds. Niall Kean, Chris Lawn. Oxford: Blackwell (2014)
  • (forthcoming): Den Sokratise Elenchos. I: Fodnoter til Platon. Eds. Jakob Fink, Jens Kristian Larsen. København: Gyldendal (2014)

Upcoming activities:

Past activities:

  • June 4th-6th 2014 International Conference: Moral Engines: Exploring the moral drives in human life. Thomas Schwarz Wentzer and Rasmus Dyring will be among the speakers.
  • Oct. 21st-22nd 2013 Bernhard Waldenfels visits Aarhus: workshop and guest lecture. For more information please confer the poster above.
  • Sep. 19th-20th 2013 Seminar and workshop: The Philosophy and Anthropology of Moral Experience. Thomas Schwarz Wentzer and Rasmus Dyring will be speaking.
  • Aug. 5th-10th 2013 Conference: 17th World Conference of the IUAES Evolving Humanity, Evolving Worlds, UK. All members will be presenting.
  • July 21st 2013, Presentation by Line Ryberg Ingerslev, Tokyo: “A commentary to Prof. Higuchi: Violence and Intercorporeality”
  • July 18th 2013, Presentation by Line Ryberg Ingerslev, Oxford: “Beyond Intentionality: Exposure and Responsiveness”
  • June 5th-8th 2013 Conference: Individualism and the future of the human being, Nordic Network for Philosophical Anthropology, Bergen. Thomas Schwarz Wentzer, Line Ryberg Ingerslev and Rasmus Dyring will be presenting research papers.
  • May 6th 2013 Seminar: Responsiveness and Theology, Department for Theology, Aarhus University. Thomas Schwarz Wentzer, Kasper Lysemose and Rasmus Dyring will be presenting research papers.
  • April 22nd 2013, Line Ryberg Ingerslev invited as participant to the workshop: “Self-Intimation. Workshop with Dr. Giovanna Colombetti”
  • March 5th 2013, Presentation by Line Ryberg Ingerslev, Odense: “Mennesket som Udtryksvæsen”
  • Nov. 23rd 2012 Presentation: "Tænkning uden Faktura" @ Mellem tænkning og skønhed - Løgstrup og Heidegger, Aarhus (Thomas Schwarz Wentzer)
  • Nov. 13th 2012 Presentation: "Mood & Method" @ Individual and Culture, NNPA-workshop, Aarhus (Rasmus Dyring)
  • Oct. 31st 2012 Workshop with Ph.D Merete Carlson on Responsive Aesthetics
  • October 22nd-23rd, Commentary to Natalié Depraz' "Phenomenology of Surprise" at Workshop "Understanding the body we can never know", Paris (Line Ryberg Ingerslev)
  • Oct. 22nd -23rd 2012 Workshop: UNDERSTANDING THE BODY WE CAN NEVER KNOW, Paris (organized by Line Ryberg Ingerslev, Dylan Trigg and Dorothée Legrand) 
  • Oct. 9th 2012 Presentation: "On the Strength of the Absurd - Kierkegaardian Clues to Moral Experience" @ Seminar: Moral Experiences, Aarhus (Rasmus Dyring)
  • Oct. 9th 2012 Seminar: Moral Experiences
  • Oct. 8th 2012 Workshop with assoc. prof. in Anthropology Jason Throop, UCLA
  • Sept 26th-27th Presentation: "Reflections on bodily communication and the responsibility of listening" @ Seminar "Phenomenology and qualitative research methodologies", Odense (Line Ryberg Ingerslev and Dorothée Legrand)

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