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Multiplier events

You are invited!

Building on previous successful workshops we invite you to participate in our multiplier events

Improve by learning from critical friends

Wednesday June 15 2016, we invite you to participate in a workshop of multiplier event character where you will experience how to improve by learning from critical friends.

The workshop takes place at Turku University of Applied Sciences / ICT City, Joukahaisenkatu 3, FI-20520 TURKU, Finland (Room to follow) starting at X:XX and ending at Y:YY.

The workshop is run in two parts:

  1. Self-evaluation
  2. Cross-sparring

During the workshop you will learn how to perform a Self-Evaluation that will serve as a base for forming Cross-Sparring pairs. During the Cross-Sparring you will learn from an assigned critical friend how to improve and you will be able to share your areas of expertise. Together you should learn and be inspired by one another.

The forms for the Cross-Sparring and Self-Evaluation have been developed within the Erasmus+ project Quality Assurance and Enhancement Marketplace for Higher Education Institutions.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone interested in programme level development in higher education
  • Deans, Programme Directors, Teachers, Educational Developers, Quality Assurance officers...

Self Evaluation & Assessment

  • Based on a superset of quality assurance criteria drawn from a comprehensive range of quality Frameworks *
  • Pairing process based on outcomes of the self assessment questionnaire
  • Cross-sparring & peer learning in a supportive community of practice
  • Sharing of best practice
  • Structured implementation