2018.06.27 | Knowledge exchange, News type

Improving animal health and welfare in organic cattle milk production

Good animal health is a cornerstone of organic livestock production. OrganicDairyHealth has focused on dairy cow health through a combined improvement of management and breeding. See the project leaflet with recommendations on optimal breeding strategies and best management practices.

2018.04.26 | News type

Dual-purpose breeds – an outdated custom or a new opportunity?

The Swiss partners of the two CORE Organic projects “2-Org-Cows” and “OrganicDairyHealth” recently presented their findings to representatives of breeding organizations and farmers.

2018.04.16 | News type

Video: Mild technologies to improve shelf life and quality of organic berries

Fresh berries have a very short shelf life, and losses in the food-supply chain can reach up to 50 percent.

Photo by Lucie Andeltova

2018.03.22 | News type

Organic food processing research highlighted at BIOFACH

CORE Organic arranged a seminar at BIOFACH Congress and co-organized Science Day. Research for organic food processing was in focus.

2018.03.16 | News type

Video: Technologies for small-scale processors compared to homemade processing

In this video, Dario Paolo (CREA-IT) shows that small scale “industrially”processed food can have better sensory and nutritional quality compared to homemade products.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands during her visit of the Bio-Beurs. Credit: Jan Peter Fiering

2018.02.26 |

“Bio-beurs” offers Core Organic a podium

National events for the organic sector, like the Bio-beurs in the Netherlands, provide researchers with an opportunity to talk about Core Organic projects.

2018.01.24 |

TP Organics and CORE Organic at Science Day at BioFach 2018

The morning session of Science Day will be organised in cooperation with ERA-Net CORE Organic and dedicated to EU research and innovation policy. What will be the place of organics in the new EU policies that are currently being developed?

2018.01.03 |

Symposium on soil health and strategies to restore optimal soil functionality

Join the upcomming workshop in ReSolVe on restoring optimal soil functionality.

Fig 1: Example of a choice set used in the discrete choice experiment

2017.12.07 |

Air or microwave dried strawberries: What do consumers prefer?

Consumers in Norway, Romania and Turkey prefer strawberries that are air dried to those that are microwave dried. They are also more attracted to cheaper, domestically produced strawberries, than those that come from Europe.

2017.12.06 |

Summer School: Sustainable Soil Management in Viticulture

The project ReSolVe recently organized a summer school on innovative techniques for sustainable soil management in viticulture.

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