Course details


The volume of the PhD course is 5 ECTS. Participants are expected to deliver 150 working hours divided between:

  • Course: 5 days in March 2018, including lectures, participant presentations and group work.

  •  Preparation: literature, own presentation.

  • The final part of the course constitutes written answers to questions from class-mates.


Target group

PhD students and researchers within science, veterinary, agricultural and health sciences working with animals, including animal model studies, experimentation, in zoo and animal parks, and with scientific questions related to pain biology.



Hotel Frederiksdal, Lyngby

ECTS credits



Course characteristics

Language: English
Level of course: PhD course
Semester/quarter: 5-9 March, 2018
Capacity limits: 30



990.00 EUR for the entire course including meals and accommodation.

300.00 EUR for one day including meals but no accommodation.

1400.00 EUR for non-PhD students for the entire course including meals and accommodation.