University Network of European Capitals of Culture

rethinkIMPACTS 2017 is a member of The University Network of the European Capitals of Culture (UNeECC), an international non-profit association founded in 2006.

The creation of UNeECC originates from the idea that it would be useful for Universities and establishments of higher education based in European Capitals of Culture to stimulate new forms of academic and educational institutional collaboration.

Britta Timm Knudsen, theme coordinator took part in the 7th Interdisciplinary Conference of the UNeECC: “Cultural Encounters, The Mosaic of Urban Identities” in october 2013 in Marseilles.

The following year, Louise Ejgod Hansen and Hans-Peter Degn participated in the UNeECC conference in Umeå, Sweden, that took place between the 23-24 October 2014. In connection to this conference, contributions of 9 academic papers have been published in this volume of "Culture and Growth: Magical Companions or Mutually Exclusive Counterparts?" 

The last conference took place in Pilsen, Czech Republic, on the 29-31 October 2015.

The next UNeECC conference will take place in Wroclaw, Poland, October 2016 under the theme "Cities: The Fabric of Cultural Memories - Confrontation or Dialogue". Visit the website for the upcoming UNeECC conference in Wroclaw here.

For further info on UNEECC and publications from the 2012 conference in Maribor, please visit:

The European Capitals of Culture(ECoC) Policy Group has developed a framework for evaluation of European Capitals of Culture. The purpose of it is to provide a guideline for evaluations, thus making international comparisons possible.

Below we have selected evaluations and research on the impact of individual European Capitals of Culture: