Research-based Evaluation

A core delivery of rethinkIMPACTS 2017 will be a research-based evaluation on the impacts of Aarhus 2017. The evaluation is being designed in close cooperation with researchers as well as the Aarhus 2017 Foundation. The ambition is to address questions of cultural, social, economic, political and organisational, as well as image and identity-related impacts.

The evaluation will not be yet another post-event documentation of successes and failures. A part of the evaluation will be formative, which means that it will contribute to the development of Aarhus 2017 by providing analysis and creating knowledge throughout the process. Inclusion of both researchers and practitioners in the formulation of questions that are relevant to address as a part of the evaluation contribute to the value and quality of the evaluation.

Evaluation criteria

Based on the strategic goals of Aarhus 2017 as presented in the bid book as well as on their strategic business plan and on input from the evaluation workshops we have developed a set of evaluation criteria on which the evaluation is based. The evaluation criteria are formulated as a part of the dynamic process of developing the evaluation and may thus be qualified and refined during the process. 

Evaluation Project Team

A small project management team consisting of project manager Lene Bak, research manager Louise Ejgod Hansen (AU), evaluation manager Hans-Peter Degn (AU), evaluation coordinator Hanne Lynghøj Ellerbæk and a stakeholder manager Morten Falbe-Hansen (Aarhus 2017) is heading the research-based evaluation.

The cooperation between AU and Aarhus 2017 in the project management team will ensure that the knowledge produced in the evaluation is of high value to central stakeholders, and the role of the stakeholder manager will be to link the research projects to the various cultural projects in the field.

You are more than welcome to contact the project and research manager at if you have inputs or suggestions for the data gathering design or needs and wishes for specific types of data relevant to your potential research project.

Evaluation Manager

Hans-Peter Degn

Teaching Associate Professor