In the list below you will find a selection of ongoing research projects at Aarhus University.
The list is split in two, listing the Danish and English research projects. On the specific project site, you will find information about purpose, focus group, published papers and other relevant information. This is not a complete list of all research projects at Aarhus University.

Current projects at Arts

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  1. The history of, 1996-2006

    Brügger, N.Brügger, N.

    I have taken the initiative to launch and carry out the research project "The history of, 1996-2006". The overall aim of this project is to write the history of the first ten years of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation's (DR) website, i.e. the period from 1996 to 2006. The project aims to answer two interrelated questions: What are the driving forces behind the creation and development of www.dr.


  2. Institutional and public policy frameworks relevant to adult learning

    Desjardins, R.

    Various historical, economic, social and cultural factors underlie the reasons why certain countries feature much higher and widely distributed levels of adult learning than others. Key among these factors are institutional arrangements and public policies that foster favourable structural conditions, alleviate various barriers to participation, and not least help ensure that disadvantaged groups have equal opportunity to take up adult learning.


  3. The provision and take up of adult learning

    Desjardins, R.

    This project seeks to document on an ongoing basis comparative patterns of participation in adult learning as well as developments in provision structures that are relevant to adult learning. It consists of more specific and intermittent activities over time that aim to achieve this objective. .


  4. Om forholdet mellem metafysik og socialteori

    Nielsen, C.

    En religionsfilosofisk analyse af Habermas' sprogfilosofi i lyset af Heideggers og Løgstrups tænkning.


  5. Søren Kierkegaards værker på kinesisk

    Wedell-Wedellsborg, A.

    Medlemskab af redaktionskomiteen til udgivelse af Søren Kierkegaards værker på Kinesisk. Samarbejde mellem Søren Kierkegaard forskningscenter KU og Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.


  6. Hermes Consortium for Literary and Culture Studies

    Simonsen, K.

    Hermes Consortium for Literary and Culture Studies.


  7. Reformatorisk teologi og konfessionskultur

    Holm, B. K.Ingesman, P.Pedersen, E. M. W.Andersen, S.Malmgart, L.Bach-Nielsen, C.Widmann, P.Johansen, K. H.Nissen, U.Koefoed, N. J.Arnorsdottir, A. , Mathiasen Stopa, S. E.Dieter, T.Westhelle, V.Nielsen, M. V.Mogensen, C. L.

    Forskningsenhed under forskningsprogrammet "Kristendom og teologi i kultur og samfund" bestående af forskere fra forskellige fag med interesse i reformatorisk teologi og reformationshistorie..


  8. Creationism in Europe

    , Hjermitslev, H. H.Blancke, S.