In the list below you will find a selection of ongoing research projects at Aarhus University.
The list is split in two, listing the Danish and English research projects. On the specific project site, you will find information about purpose, focus group, published papers and other relevant information. This is not a complete list of all research projects at Aarhus University.

Current projects at Arts

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  1. Causation in context: a philosophical and empirical investigation into contextual determinants of causation and causal judgment

    Steglich-Petersen, A.

    Research project funded by the National Danish Research Council for Culture and Communication.


  2. Dynamic Networks Connecting the North Sea Areas AD 400-600

    Juul, K. B.

    En beskrivelse af mit ph.d-projekt.


  3. Core Competences

    Hetmar, V.

    Cooperation between researchers from Europe and Asia under the ASEM LLL HUB, Network 5. Network meetings, conference participation, publications and comparative research.


  4. Sugar and Modernity in Latin America

    Carvalho, V. M. d.Henriksen, K.Jeppesen, P. B.Pedersen, S. H.Simonsen, K.

    Sugar has become an important economic and cultural commodity in most parts of lation America. Since Columbus brought sugar cane from the Canary islands on his second trip to the New World, sugar has played an important role in the political and economic history of major parts of thecontinent, especially of the caribbean area. For many years sugar was produced by slaves and forced labour for the North American and European markets.


  5. Forging Identities. The Mobility of Culture in Bronze Age Europe

    Vandkilde, H.

    Marie Curie ITN 2009-2012 Helle Vandkilde coordinator of 7 network partners and 11 associated partners.


  6. Centre dicector at Centre for Contemporary Religion

    Malmgart, L.Kühle, L.Ahlin, L.Borup, J.Fibiger, M. Q.Præstholm, B. H.Pedersen, E. M. W.Christensen, H. R.Krogsdal, I. E.Thorsen, J. E.Hansen, J. E.Linderoth, J.Johansen, K. H.Bisbjerg, M.Nielsen, M. V.Hedegaard Thomsen, M.Fischer-Nielsen, P.Lodberg, P.Jensen, S. V.

    Centret er et samarbejde mellem den religionsvidenskabelige og de teologiske afdelinger på Teologisk Fakultet ved Aarhus Universitet. Foruden konkrete individuelle og kollektive projekter er centret basis for generelle teologiske og religionsvidenskabelige interesser relateret til samtiden. .