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In the list below you will find ongoing research projects at Aarhus University.
The list is splitted in two, listing the danish and english research projects. On the specific project site, you will find information about purpose, focus group, published papers and other relevant information.

Current projects at Arts

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  1. Das Projekt einer historischen und strukturalen Anthropologie. University of Dubrovnik.

    Nagbøl, S. P.

    Siden 1970 har der været en forskningskreds ved dett Internationale universitet i Dubrovnik. Projektets overordnede titel er: Das projekt einer historischen und struturalen Anthropolgie. Mit thema er: Architektur - Ethik - Erinnerung .


  2. Norbert Elias and Early Chilhood

    Nagbøl, S. P.

    I forskningsnetværket Figurationssociologi er der en sektion der forsker i Norbert Elias tilgang til forståelse af studier i barndom i lyset af det samfundsmæssige interdependens. Der deltager forskere fra hele verden. Hovedsædet er University of Leicester og er støttet af Elias Foundation i Amsterdam..


  3. Vocal Line

    Johansen, J.

    Developing new techniques for modern choral singing.


  4. Pompeii Food and Drink

    Lowe, B. J., Mayeske, B. J., & Curtis, R.


  5. Studiemetro

    Jensen, T. W., Albrechtsen, C., Jensen, G. S., Pedersen, A., & Larsen, A. H.

    Digitalt undervisningsmateriale om studiekompetencer.


  6. artistic projects (net art, software art, print, community-based projects, interactive art)

    Soon, W.

    For all the art related projects, please go to the website.


  7. Assessing adult capabilities and understanding skill formation over the lifespan

    Desjardins, R.

    Regardless of the stage at which different societies are in the modernization process, functional literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills are essential foundation skills which all citizens need in order to secure basic capabilities and functioning. Sen's concept of human capability and functioning is defined not only as having resources available - internal (i.e., knowledge or skills such as literacy) or external (i.e.


  8. The economic and social outcomes of learning

    Desjardins, R.

    The educational systems of OECD economies continue to grow and with this the total amount of resources dedicated to the total learning effort is reaching unprecedented levels.


  9. Goods Fond

    Ehlers, S., Mikkelsen, J., & Steen, P.


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